Camera troubles *sigh*

I recorded a new tutorial today, and the finished look was lovely in the sun light! When I came to take pictures all of them came out muted looking and the colours had lost their depth. I tried to tweak them to correct the colours, but still - no luck. Needless to say, I wont be uploading this tutorial to youtube, which is a darn shame :/

[[ Heavenly Naturals 'Nymph', Fyrinnae "Peaseblossom", HN "Bubbles", Estee Lauder "Rose Confetti", Urban Decay 'Goddess"]]

I wish finding a HG camera was easier! I've already been through two other DSLRs (Pentax K100D/ Pentax K100D Super) and I'm on my third (Canon E0s 450D), Truth be told, I preferred my Pentax cameras, but the first broke, took 2 months to come back from repairs (and it was still broken), got sent the Super version (which was broken when I received it) and the customer service was the worst I've ever received. All of that fuss and bother took FIVE MONTHS.

Once this Canon has run its course (though I may well sell it) I'll explore Nikon cameras. I'd love if you could rent a camera for 3 months then decide if you wanted to purchase or not. £450 is a lot for an 18 year old student to invest in....well...anything.

What sort of cameras/ lenses do you use for make-up pictures? Any recommendations?


  1. That sucks! My camera died a few months ago so I got 2 new cameras. For pictures I use Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS. For videos I use Canon PowerShot SD960 and it is AWESOME for videos or taking pictures.

    Your eye makeup looks gorgeous!

  2. Cameras should last a life time! Ha, can't be too long until technology finds a way...Thanks for the suggestions and the compliment :)


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