Superdrug MUA Lipstick Comparisons

Shade 2 ('Haze'? 'Berry Pop'?) is similar to MAC 'Hot Gossip', but has a stronger plum tone and more pigmentation. Both shades have the exact same purple-pink shimmer (serious dupe alert). Shade 2 is less drying on the lips than Hot Gossip.

Save yourself...£9 (I think) and go with MUA instead.

Shade 3 ('Shout'? 'Pick Me!'?) is veeery similar to Barry M '142 Raspberry'. 142 has stronger pigmentation and leaves a stain to the lips, it also lasts longer than Shade 3. Shade 3, however has a much nicer texture (Barry M matte lipsticks have a very solid, firm texture) and isn't as drying....

Hmm. Tough call. Longevity or comfort? Comfort. I'd choose Shade 3.

Shade 11 ('Perfect 10'? 'Cream Peach'?) is quite similar to MAC 'Jubilee' and 'Honeylove', but has a stronger peach tone. Fairly similar to Clinique 'Nude Splurge' but, well 'Nude Splurge' is more...nude.

I'd honestly opt for any of these, but MAC 'Jubilee' has been a long time personal favourite of mine and I'll be re-buying it anyway once it runs out!

Shade 13 ('Miss '55'? 'Madam'?) is a very bright pink-red, perfect for pin-up style looks. It's brighter than Clinique 'Vintage Red', pinkier and brighter than Clinique 'Wild Berry'. I think MAC 'Lady Danger' is a truer red than Shade 13.

This shade reduced my Dita Von Tease clone friend to yell, 'YOU'RE SO GOOD, HOW ARE YOU SO CHEAP?!' at it in the middle of Superdrug...

That's my thought on all of these! You need to try them out!

Full review can be found on my youtube!


  1. love the swatches, grea tpics of them, I always find that really hard to do!


  2. Oh, I love MAC's Jubilee too! :)

  3. I got shade 1 lipstick last week and I love it! Very very good for the price of it, and it suits my skin tone (which is rare for me!). It's every so slightly more purpley than Illamasqua's Box.

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