Rediscovering MUFE 92

MUFE 92 is the don of purple eyeshadows. We all know this. Other purple eyeshadows feel weak and inferior in its very presence. And I don't blame them.

I bought my beloved MUFE 92 at IMATS almost two years ago and have probably used it only a handful of times since. Why? Because I'm intimidated by it.


I'm intimidated by my lack of ability to blend out this super dry eyeshadow. It probably has the worst texture of any eyeshadow I've ever worked with. It's dry, a little chalky and so pigmented that it can be hard to get an even coverage. Also - the pink stain. Anybody who owns this will tell you how MUFE 92 enjoys nothing more than leaving a bright pink stain on your eyelid once you've wiped it away (which it fades after a day or so).

So it has been confined to the jail that is my box of unused eyeshadows until I found it today and thought I'd give it a whirl. And was it worth it? Yes! I've missed its purpley, obnoxious goodness and shall be cautiously approaching it more often....


  1. I'm loving this soooooo much ;-)

  2. I'll be doing a tutorial soon (I just wish I'd remembered it stains pink, my eyes look bruised!)

  3. I can't stop staring at this. LOVE!

    I need to check out MUFE when I'm in london


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