Playing with Pink

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Pink eyeshadow is a danger zone for practically everyone. Especially folk with my skin tone, we can go from looking healthy to looking like we've escaped from the morgue in seconds. So what's the secret to getting away with hot pink? Well, it's simple...

Pair it up with colours/ shades that do suit you!

For this look, I popped hot pink (doesn't suit me), deep plum pink (suits me), dark purple (suits me), black (suits EVERYONE), warm cream (suits me) and turquoise (suits me) together, and I think it's a hit...

TFSI, MAC 'Kitchmas', Kryolan 'Frambrosia', Fyrinnae 'Magenta Gauntets?', MAC 'Deep Purple', Yaby black, Too Faced 'Cream', Yaby turquoise

This works with practically every colour you'd usually run screaming from. Neon yellow? Tangerine? Acid green? They're all in your reach!

Tutorial for this look shall be on my youtube tomorrow!

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