Online make-up stores are lethal

Seriously. I remember when I had a job, I'd probably spend around £20 + on orders from Fyrinnae/ Mad Minerals/ various makeup sites every month. That probably doesn't seem that much to most folk, but to a (then) 16 years old student it was!

I ordered from Glamour Doll Eyes and Heavenly Naturals last week :D I've never ordered from them before, so I'm very excited for it to arrive! I also ordered some lip lustres from Fyrinnae. I hear they're like a balm/ lip stick/ gloss hybrid, so I'll be happy flinging them in my bag and applying in a dark club, cider and black in one hand, tube of goodness in the other.

Fresco Phyrra posted about Aromaleigh yesterday, and they're looking more and more intriguing. I've known about them for a while, but my Fyrinnae love was too strong for me to order from them at that point haha. Same with Beauty from the Earth. Such pretty colours, and I own zero of them! Criminal!

I know where my next make-up pennies are going....


  1. I think shopping at TKB Trading or Coastal Scents is in order - they're cheap too :D

  2. @ LiisK, the products are cheap, but shipping to the UK from both companies is a KILLER. At least they were a while back...I wanted to order a CC blush palette and shipping was £14 0_0


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