Homemade Mixing Medium

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Everybody and their grandmother has probably seen so many posts about this, so I'm keeping it brief -

It is love.

I use the mixture 1 part glycerin to 4 parts water. You can buy glycerin quite easily/ cheap in the UK from Supermarkets in the baking isle. It will be in those little jars like food colouring comes in and I'm sure mine only cost about 80p. Alternatively, theatrical make-up stores (glycerin = fake tears/ sweat).

* It's basically like foiling pigments, except you mix it into a paste before applying it, I prefer this texture, it's easier to blend for me.
* Makes the duochrome in eyeshadows stand out a lot more.
* I've even used it to make lip colours (apply over lip balm, though).
* An easy/ cheap alternative to those 'Turn your eyeshadow into eyeliner!' products. Mixing medium + pigment = eyeliner.
* If you're a face/ body painter, this opens up your palette to a whole new world of textures and techniques.

* If you have oily lids, beware the creasing.
* It can take a while to get the paste consistency right.
* I doubt it would hold up very well in heat.

[[ No base - UDPP - Mixing medium ]]

[[ Deeper shade, but sparkle is less evident. ]]

[[ From a 'blah' to 'BAM!']]

[[ From sheer wash to bold coverage.]]

It's a great way to rediscover old favourites and those 'mehg, why did I buy that?' colours sat at the back of your drawer!


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