A happy accident

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In my last post, I said how MUFE 92 likes nothing more than to stain your eyelids - unfortunately I'd forgotten this fact and not taken the appropriate measures to avoid the pink/ bruised/ strange crazy eye (concealer OVER eyeshadow primer). HOWEVER, every cloud has a silver lining!

I applied a gold-brown over my entire lid/ stained crease area and the result was quite pretty. The pink showed through in some lights, and you'd catch a flash of it beneath the gold-brown. Not quite neutral, not at all bright - a happy medium :]

[[ TFSI, Yaby 'Shell', Mad Minerals 'Ruby Sunset', Estee Lauder 'Rose Confetti' ]]

I was quite happy that I'd made that newbie MUFE 92 accident!

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  1. Pretty! I've been doing looks like this, meaning not using liner on my upper or lower lashine.. I do add Stila's Topaz in my waterline and mascara.. I kind of like it, plus It' s faster to do when you are in a hurry :D


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