DIY Beauty Gift Hamper with Boots!

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Hampers are one of the easiest, prettiest ways to create and give a personlised gift for Christmas (or any occasion) and what's more they're fun to make and can be adjusted to suit ANYONE'S tastes! So, if you've been looking to make a special present this Christmas, why not let Boots and I give you a few ideas for a gorgeous beauty hamper as well as step by step instructions!

DIY Christmas Beauty Gift Hamper with Boots

A box of some description (a shoe box will do!)
Wrapping paper
Old news paper
Crepe paper
Sellotape or double sided tape
Gift tag
All your chosen fillers!
30 minutes to spare

DIY Christmas Beauty Gift Hamper with Boots

First, cover your box in wrapping paper and tape it down securely (the one I used is from Asda.) Then fill the base with screwed up paper (Boots suggest using shredded paper, but I found it squished too much when I added the gifts), cover with crepe paper and add your gifts.  

DIY Christmas Beauty Gift Hamper with Boots
Wrapped box with crepe paper over screwed up paper - much sturdier! 

Place any heavy or bulky items in the front, and use either rolled up sellotape or double sided tape to secure them - simple!

DIY Christmas Beauty Gift Hamper with Boots
Gifts added! I think this selection would be *perfect* for a student! 

Next wrap the box in cellophane as if you were wrapping a regular gift, tie a ribbon around, add a decorative bow, a gift tag and you're done! Excellent!

DIY Christmas Beauty Gift Hamper with Boots
 Different gift ideas - this selection would be lovely for a trendy Mum (or even Gran!)

When purchasing your fillers, try to think how it will all fit in - a large item, small item and a couple minis (like nail polishes) will do the trick. Any odd looking gaps can always be filled with wrapped sweeties, after all...

DIY Christmas Beauty Gift Hamper with Boots

I am awful at gift wrapping so I'm quite amazed it actually came out looking so pretty (if I do say so myself...) Boots even sell gift wrapping items so you can get everything BUT the actual box in one shopping trip - awesome! Don't forget that Boots also have a free 'Collect in Store' option, so you can shop online and pop down to your nearest store to pick it all up instead of battling the Chrismas crowds.

If you're interested in making a beauty hamper gift box, check out Boot's instruction page or video (above) for full instructions, tips and ideas.

Overall a really lovely, unique gift idea which is also a lot of fun to create - perfect!

Items included were provided for PR purposes. All opinions 100% my own - as always.

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  1. I love this idea! I know Boots offer gift sets but I genuinely think there's nothing better than creating something hand-picked for the person you love! How thoughtful - plus this looks so easy I think even I could do it, and I struggle to make tying my laces look neat!

    Awesome post, petal <3


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